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Caudalie's New breath of fresh air for spring!


The French skincare company, Caudalie, recently launched its new and fourth "Eau Fraiche" fragrance that combines citrus fruits, fig and white cedar: A real breath of fresh air for spring!

This fragrance was inspired by  Caudalie's founder - Mathilde Thomas- childhood memory of  warm summers in the south  of France, on a tiny private island off of her family vineyard in Bordeaux, where the scent of the flourishing hundred year old fig trees  permeated the air.

A reminiscence which, thanks to perfumer Françoise Caron, transforms into a delicate juice made ​​of fig, of course, but also white cedar, citrus, Mandarin,Bergamot, rose and a hint of coriander notes as an anchor... Refreshing as a nap under the trees!

Perfect for the warm weather ahead, Figue de Vigne sounds like it will be a popular scent for spring and summer as its wonderful woody aroma highlights the eternal romance of the Mediterranean warm season.

Photo by Célie Gachet
Hannawearsprada for Downtown Magazine


NYFW Hervé Léger show and EXCLUSIVE interview with VAL GARLAND for Downtown Magazine NYC

My experience as a Fashion Editor at DOWNTOWN Magazine NYC during NYFW

We were so excited when we received the Hervé Leger Fashion show invite for fashion from the Sephora Pro team.  Immediately a series of questions began to cross our minds: Will we see some more  body cotton dresses on the runway? Should we expect new designs? Will this collection be a complete departure from the past?  What celebrities will attend?

Everything was blurry until we arrived backstage, into the fashion show’s core where everything took shape in front of our eyes between the rushing, the falling,  the fitting, the cameras flashing and the interviews.
Happily, we were able to score an EXCLUSIVE  interview with the so called Queen of Brushes–the most famous make-up artist in the world–VAL GARLAND.
Over the last decade she has worked on various projects – from Alexander McQueen catwalk shows to  Kate Moss commercial shoots, as well as collaborating with VogueDazed & Confusedi-D and Visionaire. All of this  led her to work internationally with the biggest names of the industry, including Mario Testino, John Galliano, Chloë Sevigny.
VAL GARLAND tells us everything about the Hervé Léger overall make up look: A clean-cut Californian with  beachy sunkissed hair she made us immediately realize what they mean when they say: “I wish they all could be California girls!”

After sharing this unique moment with the crazy busy Val Garland and thanking her for taking some of her time , we ran out of the backstage to attend the show. I couldn’t believe there were so many  celebrities including, Russell Simmons, Miss USA, Nana Meriwether, Supermodel Coco Rocha, designer Max Mazria, and such popular  fashion bloggers such as Fashiontoast‘s Rumi Neely. Still, all we could think about was getting inside, finding our seats and getting at least one look out of  this new collection.
After  the door closed and  everyone was seated, the moment we were all expecting was here. This little moment where silence reigns, where editors, celebrities, photographers, make up/hair artists and models hearts begin to race and everyone in the room is anticipating every second.
That’s when the playlist starts and the first look hits the runway. Cameras start flashing, pens and notebooks are out of bags and everyone offers their opinions.

The show was full of sexy, glam, signature-fitted dresses with a lot of sequins and detailed designs. The looks were paired with over-sized baseball caps that lent a beachy vibe to the ensembles.
The large fur coats with HUGE hoods were my favorites! My hand couldn’t stop writing “coat, fur, hood, lovelove, LOVE!” The other thing that caught my eye was the mix of leather-harness detailing and sheer sleeves in an array of green, bronze, amber, and other dark color dresses.
The overall collection was absolutely stunning, with a range of clothing that could appeal to  either  young adults or mature women.
Between the make up and hair choices, the baseball caps and the evening gowns, the only way I can describe this line was  “California meets NYC”. Not a likely mix…but one that works!

– hannawearsprada for Downtown Magazine NYC (http://s.tt/1zPx6)
Photos & Video By Lana D. Wilson


Lanvin for Maison Lancome

Hello readers and followers, 

As I mentioned on my last post,  I will be working at the Luxury Lifestyle Downtown Magazine in NYC for the next 9 months and guess what? Here is my First online Fashion Editorial about the Lanvin and Lancôme upcoming make up line collaboration. You can Check it out on the Downtown Magazine NYC website. 

Fashion news and trends will then always be updated on the Downtown magazine website but i will still continue to post some of my own street style outfits and pictures on my blog ...why? Because i just love it and Hanna Wears Prada is not going anywhere! 


Brooklyn Rooftop

I've always wanted to take pictures on a NYC rooftop ...and I DID! 
I won't lie it was VERY cold and I was freezing, but i was focused and Nothing could keep me from taking good pictures (hehehe!) 

     (H&M sweater - Bershka leather skirt - Texto flats - Traditional Algerian necklace )


The Big Apple!

Hello fashionistas! Yess , Hanna wears prada is moving in NYC...I mean is already in NYC! I will be interning at the DOWNTOWN Magazine for several months and will share all of NYC's fashion with you. Street style, latest trends, restaurants, good food, parties , events you will get E-VE-RY-THING!

I am very busy working and trying to adjust to the NYC lifestyle but I promise, new Pictures coming soon! 

Special thanks to Alexis Dupont for the new Hanna Wears Prada personalized banner!




I Had a nice little walk next to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and i thought of you guys, 
so i decided to take some shots and show you my outfit.
Very comfortable and warm, this outfit was perfect for the weather!


(Avant Premiere leather shorts- Moa tights- NafNaf coat 2011- Sinfulcolors nailpolish )